We are an award winning small batch distillery located in the coastal town of Pacifica, CA.  Our line of spirits, made from organic ingredients,  are hand crafted on site.

Our family owned business is located steps from the Pacific Ocean, just south of San Francisco, CA.  Head distiller, Jason Tripp, masterfully distills the finest organic ingredients in our hand-made, “Old School” all copper 220 gallon still, which runs about half the speed of traditional pot stills.  This slower speed allows for more chemical interaction between the copper and alcohol molecules, mellowing out our spirits prior to ageing. Our seaside location has cool coastal air, with temperature and humidity profiles comparable to Scotland, allowing our barrels to mature the spirits gracefully. 

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Our Story

Like most things, it all began innocently enough: an interest in home brewing…

Our Spirits

Explore our unique Rum, Gin, Vodka, Whiskeys and Brandy.


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