Tripp Distillery started as a home-brewing turned home-distilling project 15 years ago. After making a visit to Downslope Distilling in Boulder Colorado our founder Jason Tripp found himself naively thinking “yeah, I could do this.” Confronted with the gruesome prospect of having a real job in the Finance Industry for the rest of his life, Jason began assembling the pieces that would eventually form Tripp Distillery. Buying a still was the first big step, which turned into a story of its own. You can read more about our still, Big Butt Sally here (link). For a label, Tripp “borrowed” the label from a bankrupt depression era Petroleum company (they weren’t using it anymore.) After a mountain of legal paperwork and bureaucratic nonsense Tripp Distillery was able to open its doors and begin producing and selling its products June 16th 2016.