Pacifica Rum

Traditional rums are aged in the warm, tropical climate of the Caribbean where oak barrels breathe fast, allowing the rum to mature quickly.  Pacifica rum is aged in our coastal facility in Northern California where the cold waters of the Pacific create barrel temperatures comparable to the conditions in Scotland. It’s a slow process, but one worth the wait.

Our rum is bottled at cask strength. This allows the spirit to capture all the complexity derived from the combination of our organic ingredients, copper still, oak barrels, and low temperature, spirit maturation process.

Pacifica Vodka

“Double Gold”, “Best In Class” winner of the 2018 California Craft Spirits Competition, Pacifica Vodka begins its life as organic rum kept in oak barrels just long enough for the chemical reactions between oxygen, carbon and alcohol to settle the bold flavors of the spirit.  Once mellowed, the rum is filtered and re-distilled by hand in our copper pot still where it is reborn as Pacifica Vodka.​

Pacifica Vodka was inspired by an early form of Vodka called “Starka” that originated in eastern Europe during the 1500s. Oak barrels were filled, then buried at the birth of a child so the end spirit would be smooth and complex when served at the child’s wedding.

Tripp Distillery uses a far less time intensive version of the Starka process. The short time spent in the oak barrel allows the Vodka to mellow without modern machines, while still maintaining a neutral flavor profile.​

Pacifica Gin

A winner of a Silver Medal at the 2019 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, our Pacifica Gin begins its life as rum kept in French oak barrels from Napa just long enough for the chemical reactions between oxygen, carbon and alcohol to soften the youthful nature of the spirit. Once mellowed, the rum is filtered through the coconut shells and re-distilled with a mix of English and California botanicals in our copper Scotch Whiskey Still.  The emerald green color is derived from botanicals that include butterfly chickpea flowers.

Though the formula is inspired by a traditional recipe, this is not your grandfather’s gin. And, if you are lucky you can see the louche effect when Pacifica Gin is mixed with very cold ice.  Add some acid, such as tonic water or lemon juice, and watch the gin change colors.

Pacifica Brandy

Pacifica Brandy is made exclusively from Napa County wines and slowly distilled through our copper Scotch Whiskey still. Our Brandy is then aged in red wine barrels at our foggy coastal barrel house where the cool air of the Pacific ocean maintains an environment for the spirit to smoothly develop into maturity. Fruity tasting notes are abundant throughout the flavor spectrum with the smooth finish inherent to all Pacifica Spirits.

Sassafras Liqueur

Sassafras is a tree indigenous to the American Southeast and was used to produce the first root beers before artificial flavorings and chemicals came to dominate commercial root beer production. Our Sassafras is wild sourced from the Cook Farm in Belle Missouri and processed entirely by hand.